Bland, Forgettable and Stars Dumb Choices

The house is the new “Epic” “Hilarious” comedy that stars Will Ferrel. The plot is simple, a family can’t afford their daughters college, so they open up an illegal underground casino to pay it off.

Now this movie is roughly 80 minuets, and you could tell that the studio needed to tack on extra scenes just to hit that feature length run time, which is about and hour and a half. For example there are 2 scenes of the family just watching The Walking Dead casually, these both scenes could have easily cut off 10 minuets of the movie! But they obviously needed to keep it in for the movie to even hit theaters.

Now, every single actor/actress in this movie is just acting like their in another stupid comedy movie and they’re just waiting for a pay check, these “adults” have no semblance of maturity or any idea of the law and its repercussions if you break said law. These characters make SO many stupid and dumb decisions, like literally setting a guy on FIRE, or cutting off a guys finger with an AXE!

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I also have an idea that the characters NEVER thought of to pay off college. GET A STUDENT LOAN!!!! That is the way that almost every student pays off their college and the thought never even passes their minds as they would prefer to gain the money illegally instead.

I’m sorry Ryan, the only funny part in this movie was the “fight night” scene, which was only 10 minutes of the movie! Everything else was a below average comedy that only got a few chuckles out of me because overall, I was annoyed by the stupid characters in this movie. I have to give this a 4/10

And the more I think of this movie the more ridiculous I find it out to be! Originally I gave it a 6, but after letting my mind settle and go over the facts, this movie, as a whole, is BELOW average. So a 4/10 is a very fair score.

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