Glorious Headshots!!!

Yes! Yes yes yes yes YES!!! What an amazing pulse pounding ride that John Wick is! Truly, this film is an act of many great talents coming together to create one of the most exciting and visually pleasing action movies ever!

The plot follows John Wick who is a legendary ex-assassin as he ruthlessly hunts down the people who have killed his dog, stole his car and beat up the “boogeyman” himself, just a few days after his wife’s death.

John Wick kicks right into the death and headshots and doesn’t stop for anything. The film doesn’t spend much time on John himself and his backstory but you fully understand his motivation and drive for him doing what he does. What you do know is that John is a force to be reckoned with, and it is extremely satisfying seeing these big criminal kingpins shake in their shoes at the thought of John being back.

Keanu Reeves is great playing John as a big, epic killing machine and so is Michael Nyqvist who plays the father of the man who killed John Wicks dog. But I do think the son character played by Alfie Allen was extremely rash and dumb which is the fault of the script, not the actor.

When the action first started in this movie and the camera didn’t shake once and barley cut away, I looked up at the sky and screamed “THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS GIFT!” Then continued to watch the movie.

Image result for john wick

All the action in John Wick is thrilling and boasts amazing fight choreography and expert camerawork. The lighting was beautiful and all the sound effects were realistic and top notch.

The fighting is very “down and dirty” wile also being slightly claustrophobic. But the movie still knows just how over the top it actually is because sometimes it has John fight 3 or 4 people at once which is a beauty to behold as he kills everyone without breaking a sweat.

Yes there are some plot holes in this film such as: how can this massive criminal underground get away with all these murders and crimes, without alerting the entire police force. The film does shows a single crooked cop but is every single officer in on the scheme?

Some questions were answered in John Wick 2 which this film does set up by creating a very interesting and different world with the “Continental Grounds” hotel as a safe haven and the strange currency of gold coins. But personally, I feel a sequel was warranted for such and amazing and thrilling ride of an action movie.

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