The Emoji Movie Is Literally, A Hot Piece Of Crap That I Refuse To Watch!

The Emoji Movie, ah The Emoji Movie. Perhaps Sony’s biggest cash grab yet. A movie that has countless of “brought to you by’s” from company like: Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Just Dance and Dropbox. Clearly just focusing on the money and mass volumes of income, Sony never even fathomed the thought of making a good movie with this piece of trash sitting at a 1.8 out of 10 on IMDB and getting bashed on by almost every reviewer on the internet. Including me. The Emoji movie is literally, hot crap that I refuse to pay my hard earned money to watch!

First off, this movie is absolutely unnecessary. When the first teaser trailer came out back in December of 2016 the internet had another meltdown. The like to dislike ratio has x10 the dislikes to likes and everyone believed that the movie was unnecessary, often making jokes like: Dabbing Movie and/or The Grass Movie… coming 2018! Honestly, if you look at what this movie is based off of, and think for just a second, then you will fully realize its stupidity!!! Its a movie about emoticons that you can send to the people you are texting! That’s what Hollywood has come to for original ideas.

Next, we obviously knew that The Emoji Movie was going to be a cash grab by Sony to make a quick dollar off of a recently massive trend. With the emoji trend on the rise having released plush pillows and key chains it was obvious that a full fledged movie would eventually hit theaters.

Image result for the emoji movie

Take the Lego movie for example, another movie that seemed (at first) to be a Hollywood cash grab but actually ended up being a good and enjoyable film with a fun cast and great animation. While The Emoji Movie is horrible with (what seems to be) a cliched story with tons of product placement. My point is that almost anything can be excused if its actually a good, solid film

But then I say shame on Sony. Shame on you for taking advantage of a younger audience by making a terrible movie off of something popular. This movie cost 50 million dollars to make! Over its first weekend it made half of that at about 24.5 million (SOURCE-boxofficemojo.) All of that money from both the production and the movie goers would have been better spent elsewhere either making better and more interesting movies or going to see an actually good movie, perhaps Dunkirk, or Atomic Blonde.

So I hope this movie crashes and burns. I hope it doesn’t make its money back and Sony doesn’t even think of a sequel to this crap. With the bad reviews and obvious greediness of the ‘film” I hope the moviegoers open their eyes and finally start speaking with their wallets by not going out to watch The Emoji Movie. I know I did, I will never support this corporate greediness by giving them my hard earned cash.

Instead i’ll probably re-watch Dunkirk.


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