A Film About The Overall Event, Not The People In It

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s new war drama starring Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and many other young men with black hair. This film is a realistic depiction based back in World War 2 where Germany surrounds Britain and France at a small town called Dunkirk. The two armies are desperately trying to retreat from the beach where the Germans are constantly picking off the 400 000 soldiers like a “fish in a barrel.” It must take a combined effort from the navy and the local villagers to get everybody away from Dunkirk or get captured by the German soldiers and most likely killed.

This film is directed by Christopher Nolan, the same guy who made all of the Batman reboots, Inception and Interstellar, and BOY does this film look like a Nolan movie. Even though the movie is only pg-13 the film still has a gritty and desperate vibe that only Nolan could pull off without hitting a more mature rating.

The plot is told between 3 separate stories that all take place during this event. One is of the actual soldiers who are stranded on the beach, another is of a pilot in the air who defends the soldiers from the German bombers and the final story is of a villager boat who goes to help rescue the soldiers who are stranded at Dunkirk.

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My personal favorite story was of the soldiers who are stranded because it shows just how desperate these soldiers are to find a way off the beach, and it just shows how these soldiers will do anything and everything to get on a boat away from Dunkirk.

I also enjoyed the air story which has Tom Hardy as the fighter pilot. The effects in this story are breathtaking and puts you in the edge of your seat when he is flying in the air and shooting down German planes. Overall all the effects from the explosions, aircraft’s and gunfire are really top notch and realistic, nothing explodes in an over the top fashion. All of this is backed up with an epic soundtrack that puts you even further on edge.

But I do have a few negatives, first off the movie is pg-13 and I believe that the movie could better show off the horrors of the event with a brutal R rating.

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My next complaint is the characters. Every single character in Dunkirk is very dull, bland and not at all fleshed out. You understand their overall personality, but not enough to make you care about them like the movie sometimes really wants you too.

My final complaint is the villager story, it slows down the movie and I was not invested at all in the characters (back to my previous complaint,) even when the movie really wanted me to be. What makes this even worse is that to enjoy this specific story, you really have to really be invested in the villagers where in the other stories, you don’t have to know the characters as much because they are regular soldiers. But in this story they are everyday people that just come off as extremely boring and uninteresting. But this specific story is essential to the plot just to show how the villagers helped band together to save all these soldiers.

Overall I thought Dunkirk was a good film with many thrilling action scenes that are expertly directed and has great effects, but ultimately has weak characters that I just can’t seem to get invested in.

Dunkirk gets a 7/10


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