Why I Refuse To Watch The Emoji “Movie”

The Emoji Movie Is Literally, A Hot Piece Of Crap That I Refuse To Watch!

The Emoji Movie, ah The Emoji Movie. Perhaps Sony’s biggest cash grab yet. A movie that has countless of “brought to you by’s” from company like: Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Just Dance and Dropbox. Clearly just focusing on the money and mass volumes of income, Sony never even fathomed the thought of making a good movie with this piece of trash sitting at a 1.8 out of 10 on IMDB and getting bashed on by almost every reviewer on the internet. Including me. The Emoji movie is literally, hot crap that I refuse to pay my hard earned money to watch!

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Dunkirk Movie Review

A Film About The Overall Event, Not The People In It

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s new war drama starring Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and many other young men with black hair. This film is a realistic depiction based back in World War 2 where Germany surrounds Britain and France at a small town called Dunkirk. The two armies are desperately trying to retreat from the beach where the Germans are constantly picking off the 400 000 soldiers like a “fish in a barrel.” It must take a combined effort from the navy and the local villagers to get everybody away from Dunkirk or get captured by the German soldiers and most likely killed.

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